Monthly Archives: April 2010

“I got redirected here from What gives?”

I got fed up with the old site. It was unfocused, unprofessional, not very pretty, out-of-date.. Frankly, I was feeling embarassed about it.

I took it offline completely a couple of weeks ago, expecting to redo it altogether.  While thinking about its future and trying to write a few things for the new web site, I found it more and more awkward to pretend that my company and I were separate entitites. There’s only me in the company. It’s always been that way. I’ve had a few people I’ve known that I could rely on if I got too busy or somehow ended up with assignments with requirements I couldn’t meet, and at some point in the future there might be more people in the company, but for the time being, it’s just me. Realising this and not pretending or attempting to create the illusion that it’s something it’s not makes this whole thing more straightforward.

So, instead of spending a lot of time writing content for a new website, I’ll try to see if a simple blog will serve me well. Welcome.

Switching to WordPress

For years now, my blog has been powered by my own blogging engine. I wrote my own because I wanted to not have to run PHP on my web server, and it was a handy way to get familiar with Django. However, I now work for a company that, among many other things, offers web hosting, so it seems like a good idea to be dogfooding that, and having one less spare time project to work on is always a win. On top of that, WordPress seems like a pretty awesome system with an extensive ecosystem of plugins, a stack of client applications, etc. This post, for instance was written almost entirely on my phone in the wicked cool WordPress application for Android.

Not an April fool’s joke

Today marks the beginning of my second month working for Rackspace.

I’ve realised I haven’t actually blogged about my leaving Canonical, so this post doubles as an announcement about that, I suppose.

A lot of thought was put into that decision. Ubuntu is an awesome project to work on and Canonical was a fun and interesting “place” to work, but “all good things must come to an end” so I decided to “quit while I was ahead”. Come up with more clichées if you feel like it. The short story is that I just wasn’t having much fun anymore.

Rackspace came along as an interesting option. I’ve known about them since forever, and they are doing very interesting stuff in the cloud computing area, so it seemed like a natural progression. I had a few interviews and after we overcame some initial difficulties (they’re not that used to having people from Denmark work for them) I started my new job working on Cloud Sites on March 1st.

This does not mean that I’m going to stop working on Ubuntu, though. It’ll just be on my own time and working on a narrower set of things than I have for a while. I also hope to be at UDS (I’ve applied for sponsorship) so that I can meet all my awesome, old colleagues.