About Soren

I’m a Danish man of 1981 vintage. I’m married to my lovely wife, Anne. Together, we have two adorable children: Ida-Sofie and Adam. Our non-Danish friends know Ida-Sofie as “Sophie”. We live in a suburban part of Aalborg in Denmark. It’s not anywhere near Copenhagen.
I share my name with a stack of other people, most notably some golfer, whose fan mail I’ve occasionally received. Yes, people found my e-mail address on my website (which IMNSHO doesn’t look very golfy) and sent me fan mail thinking I was a famous golfer.

Anyway, I’m a computer person. I spend a lot of time working on computer software, while hardware tends to bore me. I work on free software for a living and I enjoy that very much. I’m a core developer of Ubuntu, a fact that I’m quite proud of. I’ve previously worked on Ubuntu full time for Canonical for almost three years. I worked mostly on server things, specifically virtualisation and cloud computing. I prefer to write my code in C or Python, but if need be, I can do other languages as well. I enjoy solving interesting problems.

Since leaving Canonical, I helped start OpenStack and have been working on OpenStack or things relating to OpenStack since then for a couple of different companies (Rackspace, Nebula and Cisco). I now spend most of my time working for Reliance Industries as assistant VP of cloud computing.

I do contract work through my own company, Linux2Go. If you contract me to work for you, the invoice will read Linux2Go, but really, it’s just me.

If you’re interested in more details about my professional background, feel free to check out my profile on linkedin. If (and only if) we’ve worked together, please feel free to connect with me on there.

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